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Why Lease?

NEEDED: Keep working capital

LEASED: At a lower rate

What is leasing?

  • Leasing is a way of obtaining an asset for a set period of time.

Advantages of Leasing

  • Typically, a lower monthly payment than you would pay on a loan for the same asset
  • You pay tax only on the monthly payment rather than up front on the full price of the asset
  • The opportunity to have a new vehicle/update equipment more often
  • In many cases, the comfort of knowing your vehicle/equipment is under warranty for the full duration of the lease
  • You have options at lease end → Buyout, trade, or return
  • You avoid tying up your money in a vehicle or piece of equipment

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Nisco Benefits

  • Any year, make, model, new/used
  • No kilometer restrictions
  • No excess wear and tear charges
  • Deliver anywhere in Ontario
  • Seasonal payment plans
  • Buyout lease any time after the halfway point with no penalty
  • Add money to lease at any time to reduce payments or buyout

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Why Lease?

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