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Who We Are

A privately owned family business for over 30 years, Nisco National Leasing is an asset-based leasing company headquartered out of Burlington, Ontario.

A used car lot on the corner of King and James in Hamilton, Ontario funded the company’s beginnings. Since our humble start, Nisco has grown to become a trusted partner in leasing for both personal and commercial customers.

As an independent company Nisco has found success by offering a flexible approach to leasing. We continue to grow and improve as a company; and are always excited to help other people and businesses do the same.

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Credit Decisions

Our credit decisions are based on many factors. Nisco understands that not every detail can be seen in your beacon score; sometimes we just need to meet you.

Nisco Open-End Leases

It is important to us that we learn your story. It is our goal to always find ways to anticipate and accommodate all of your needs. Options are your friend; at the end of your lease return, trade or buy.

No Worries

Nisco’s relationships are founded on trust; we trust you and tirelessly work to earn your trust back. We want you to make the most of your vehicle or equipment so enjoy no kilometer restrictions and no excess wear and tear charges.

Personal Service

At Nisco, we never factor your lease to a third party financial institution. We always stay involved with your lease from start to finish, like a good partner should.

Nisco Benefits

  • Any year, make, model, new/used
  • No kilometer restrictions
  • No excess wear and tear charges
  • Deliver anywhere in Ontario
  • Seasonal payment plans
  • Buyout lease any time after the halfway point with no penalty
  • Add money to lease at any time to reduce payments or buyout

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